Line Creek

Line Creek Operations is one of our four steelmaking coal operations located in the Elk Valley of British Columbia, Canada.

About Line Creek

Line Creek Operations is located approximately 25 kilometres north of Sparwood in southeastern British Columbia.

Line Creek produces steelmaking coal – also called metallurgical coal or coking coal — which is used to make steel. We export the processed coal by sea to the Asia-Pacific region and elsewhere. This involves the shipment of the steelmaking coal from the mine site to bulk port terminals in Vancouver by rail. It is then loaded on to larger seagoing vessels, which carry it to our target markets.

The current annual production capacities of the mine and preparation plant are approximately 4.0 million tonnes of clean coal. Proven and probable reserves at Line Creek are projected to support mining for a further 11 years.

Coal Business Unit Operating Results

($ in millions)

2022 2021



$10,409 $6,251


Gross profit (loss)

$6,401 $2,785


Gross profit (loss) before depreciation and amortization1

$7,364 $3,657


Production (million tonnes)

21.5 24.6


Sales (million tonnes)

22.2 23.4


1 This is a non-GAAP financial measure or ratio. See "Use of Non-GAAP Financial Measures and Ratios" section of the Management's Discussion and Analysis for further information.

Dust Management in the Elk Valley

We take extensive measures to monitor and manage dust at our operations and are working to identify new methods to improve dust management and air quality.

Our Stories

Innovation and Technology

Left: The Coal Supply Chain Integrated Operations project helps better connect operations with logistics and marketing, ensuring visibility across the entire coal supply chain.


Teck is engaging with numerous COIs as part of our efforts to address water quality constituents released by mining activities throughout the Elk River watershed, where five of our steelmaking coal operations are located.