“We're in the digital age, where data is a key asset to unlock a sustainable future for mining.”   

Greg Brouwer - Senior Vice President, Technical

Digital Analytics

Teck’s innovation and technology group born out of the RACE21TM program, develops easy-to-use digital solutions that empower miners to take real-time predictive control of their operations.

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About Teck Digital Analytics

We are passionate about harnessing big data from mining operations. By infusing mining fundamentals and predictive analytics, we strive to maximize our impact through user-friendly solutions.

We brought together top minds in data science, artificial intelligence and mining to develop products that provide the predictability essential to creating stability and optimizing operations.

Elevating Mining Fundamentals with Predictive Analytics

The escalating complexity of mining and a growing demand for critical minerals has created an urgent need to become more efficient and sustainable than ever before.

How do we optimize our operations? 

Simply having more information is not enough. We need the right tools that empower our people to make better decisions. To work smarter, not harder. There lies the opportunity to enhance efficiency, safety and sustainability through robust predictive analytics. 

Miner-tested Field-validated

“When you get busy and you’ve got a million things going on, a data analytics tool can show when something is changing or being missed. I've found myself feeling more empowered to make informed decisions with confidence.” 

Mining Supervisor
Greenhills Operations 
Elk Valley, Canada

It's more than digital that transformsit’s digital that performs

Our technology goes beyond digital transformation, it empowers miners to achieve their full potential. After years of pioneering advancements in digital analytics through our RACE21™program, we delivered solutions that are expected to generate substantial benefits

Here’s how: 

Mine Optimization - $450 Million: Leveraging data, machine learning and digital applications across Teck’s mining equipment has increased truck productivity and optimized the quality of material going to processing plants.

Processing Improvements - $300 Million: Automation and machine learning models within Teck’s processing plants have increased throughput capacity and recovery.

Integrated Operations and Maintenance - $150 Million: Digital planning applications that better connect operations with logistics teams reduced costs and maximized throughput between Teck’s steelmaking coal operations and our upgraded Neptune Bulk Terminals. These applications have increased train loading speeds and reduced equipment downtime.

Reducing Health & Safety Risk: Safety initiatives including light vehicle monitoring systems, collision and proximity detection and autonomous haulage systems have led to reduction in high-potential incident frequency.

Enhancing Sustainability: Digital technology is being implemented across Teck operations to improve decision making in the areas of water use, air quality and energy consumption.

Navigating the digital agetogether

At Teck, we believe that digital analytics is a critical path to achieve enhanced efficiencies and to sustainably provide the essential minerals the world needs. 

We no longer have to tackle this complexity alone. As miners, we believe the most effective way to solve these challenges – is together. 


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