Risk Management

Our process for integrating risk management throughout the business starts with identifying, evaluating and addressing economic, social and environmental risks and opportunities on a regular basis. The risks and impacts associated with our business are multi-faceted and require effective collaboration among departments, business units and external stakeholders. We use feedback mechanisms, incident reporting and investigation, and frequent internal reporting to ensure our approach to sustainability and risk management remains relevant.

We mitigate sustainability related risks in several ways, including: Social Environmental and Regulatory Approval committees, which are established for new projects to ensure the social and environmental risks associated with our current and future activities are properly managed Environmental and Social Baselines to ensure actual and potential community impacts are understood and managed Stakeholder engagement to provide communities with information about our activities and to understand local concerns and priorities to better inform our decision-making at every stage of the mining life cycle.

While certain sustainability issues remain constant from year to year, we regularly evaluate changes in the regulatory, economic, societal and environmental landscape to inform the continual improvement of our management approach. Information on emerging risks can be found in the material topics pages, and further information on current risks can be found in our Annual Information Form on our Public Filings Archive webpage.

Emergency Preparedness

We identify a comprehensive range of potential emergencies and ensure we are prepared to respond to, and recover from, these situations as quickly and effectively as possible. The vast majority of potential hazards are prevented through robust risk management measures, including emergency response planning. Annual reviews of the emergency preparedness of our operations ensure the necessary resources are available to effectively respond if such a situation occurs. Emergency preparedness and planning is conducted at a corporate and site level as well as within the communities near our operations.

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Our work in this area is externally verified by an independent third-party every year. Learn more in our sustainability report.